Pedal Cell Review

During a a multi-day event, choosing where to stop and how long because of power availability is not something I prefer to have on my mind. 

Despite being recent technology, I took the plunge and received it a few days before a big event, with great help from PedalCell in finding a dealer in Europe.

In the first test I found out charging speed is game-changing: 2 outputs, one capped at 3W and the other up a whopping 12W. My Edge charges 1% per minute. 

It also adjusts to your speed, going full wattage when cruising or descending and easing up when climbing. Honestly I cannot confirm this feature as I never noticed any relevant drag, just a slight ‘humm’  🙂

Another high value point in my case is versatility, using it across bikes including Road and MTB, and different wheel types (rim and disc), as tested in Basajaun.

But my first serious leap of faith happened in NorthCape4000. The event was amazing and, across two weeks, I never had any worries. 
Front light, rear light, including radar, Garmin Edge, Mobile phone and power banks for overnights.
Used it with rim brake wheels and, despite taking heavy downpours and quite some dirt, traction or wear were never and issue.
The crucial moment took place when my Garmin gave up and I had to use my mobile phone for navigation for 2 days before an amazing person lent me one till the end of the ride. During these days, the increased energy consumption was challenging but no shaking whatsoever.

You can find a video testimony here:

In Summary:

Versatility and zero worries is the best way I can describe my experience with PedalCell and it makes me look forward to ride longer unsupported.

  • Fast charging
  • Not bounded to specific wheel or wheel type
  • Generates charge at slower speeds than current hub-based dynamos
  • Pricey, but less than a full hub-based setup
  • Moderately bulky and heavy

Any doubts or questions feel free to reach me.

If you’d like to order it, using this link will get you a free set of replacement O-rings 😉

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